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Arifoğlu, 75 years ago in the historical Egyptian Bazaar, everyone can safely consume natural delicacies set out to offer to the table. Arifoğlu, carrying hundreds of products to millions of people, continues its commercial activities today at its headquarters in Avcılar, Istanbul.

It continues to expand with our wide range of sauces, paste, pastes and natural cosmetic products ranging from vegetable oils to pekmez, organic products, and bee products, especially spices and herbal teas.

Most healthy manner while maintaining high quality and reliable manner with the goal of reaching the first in Turkey and Arifoğlu products in hundreds of outlets in the world, it is making efforts to not deserve to be the preferred choice of millions of people.

The brand has TR-34-K-000495, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2005, BRC GLOBAL STANDARD FOR FOOD SAFETY