What causes a decrease in sexual desire? Here are the reasons

1 out of every 5 people in the world experience a lack of sexual desire . In fact, according to the data, women are more offended by sexuality than men. There are many reasons that undermine the relationship of the couples and lead to this situation of more psychological origin

Dissatisfaction from sexuality is a decrease in sexual interests, desires and fantasies that cause difficulties in the relationship of the person or the couple.

Abstinence and reluctance depend on many reasons.

Sometimes this situation is caused by physical problems, and sometimes psychological problems.

Being cool from sexuality occurs as a reluctance. It is the most common reason for consulting psychotherapists with sexual problems.

In fact, half of the sexual problems are related to this issue. The most common reason for this is lack of knowledge or misinformation about sexuality.

Many people learn about sexuality from their friends during adolescence. In this case, incomplete and wrong learning is natural.

However, sexual reluctance is generally perceived as a fate, and couples avoid talking about this issue among themselves.

According to a study conducted in the USA, 15 percent of men and 32 percent of women are sexually alienated.

Bodily causes of sexual alienation; Lifelong diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure problems, cancers, menopause, drugs used and hormonal problems.

Since sexuality is unfortunately considered a shame in physical problems, physicians are not discussed and what can be done about it is not investigated.

It is considered strange for a person who already has a serious physical illness to worry about it. However, sexuality is lifelong.

Sexual anorexia is a problem that can now be easily resolved. However, people should fall on this issue.

Getting professional help on these issues is the most important way to overcome the problem.

Causes of sexual alienation in women 

Lack of knowledge about sexual matters, anxiety of being pulled to other meanings if he seems willing about sexual matters, being deceived, short duration of foreplay, anxiety about being liked about his own body, inability to have orgasm, depression, incompatibility in marriage, fear of getting pregnant, not having enough sensuality, man’s ignorance about female sexuality is sexual Not being able to express himself about his own desires, waiting for the initiation of sexuality from the man, negative first experience, menopause, not masturbating, vaginismus, misinformation about sexuality during pregnancy, breastfeeding, verbal violence, physical violence, feelings of guilt, perception of obedience to a partner in sexuality, sexual harassment and rape.

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